Floor Graphics

Floor Graphics

The floor is the limit when you order brilliant floor graphics to turn what’s beneath your feet into advertising or signage space! With floor decals, you put your message right at your customer’s feet. Take your logo, a featured product, a cautionary message, a special offer, a photo of your new manager, and place it where people will see it. All it takes is a glance to direct them to the products, aisles, or information you need them to know.

Here are some examples of uses:

  • In a shopping mall, outside of a specific store or general walkway
  • In the grocery aisle, featuring a promoted product
  • At your showroom, directing customers with footprints
  • On your living room floor, so you can have a permanent Twister board always ready to go
  • In the lobby of your business, highlighting your brand
  • At the foot of your waiting room chairs

Our self-adhesive vinyl floor graphics have a non-slip grain-textured finish in compliance with safety regulations and are scuff and scratch resistant (even from high heels and in high traffic areas) and will last up to 12 months. Printed using high definition 1440dpi print and premium ink, they almost look too good to stand on. They are incredibly easy to apply, are wipe-clean and can be easily removed without damaging your floor.

Fine floor graphics and decals and are slip resistant. They also hold up to the chemical cleansing of the floor and other cleaning methods. Our decals are firmly stacked into the ground and even if they come off there is no trace of adhesive residue or tarnishing the floor in any way. Our flooring methods are of premium quality which give a long lasting outcome unlike the materials which you might find in the market which aren’t floor friendly. We have a lineup of floor graphics materials that are designed for various lengths of use and for application to various surfaces including carpet and concrete.

Rockwall High Tech Sign offers a wide range of custom floor decals for every kind of flooring, be it tiled, hardwood, vinyl or other surfaces such as carpet, concrete and other no so common surfaces. We even have a floor graphic materials that can be removed and reused in different locations, as well as G-Floor material and floor mats that can be used as for larger areas or floor mats

Following Type are Here Below:

  • Promotional Floor Decal
  • Economy Floor Decal
  • Multi Surface Floor Decal
  • Carpet Decal
  • Eco Floor Graphic
  • Repositionable Floor Decal
  • Premium Textured Floor Decal
  • Premium Gloss Floor Decal
  • Premium Clear Floor Decal
  • Catwalk
  • Clearwalk
  • 3M Floor Decal
  • Premium Carpet Decal
  • Sidewalk Decal
  • G-Floor Printable Flooring
  • Asphalt Art
  • 3M Sidewalk Graphic
  • DuraMat Floor Graphic Mat

Available Options & Finishes


In addition to standard sizes, we can customize our products to any size and style of mounting hardware.


We specialize in permitting and ADA compliance and can assist you through the process


The sky is the limit with full color graphics or photo backgrounds.


ADA signage can be as complex and beautiful as you can desire, glass, metal, wood.

Premium Material

Wide Range of Colors & Styles

Fully  Customized

Designing, Printing & Installation

Weather Proof

Ready within 10 to 15 Working Days

Available in all Shapes & Sizes